The Alps are a wonderful sightseeing destination. The mountains are ever present and the fantastic views can be shared by all. Throughout the Alps are nestled gorgeous Alpine villages and towns steeped in history and old world tradition. Many towns have a thriving tourist infrastructure with numerous attractions for all ages. Great restaurants serving local cuisine are never far away. Often close by ski lifts run summer and winter allowing access to the best of the views. In the valley bottom striking aqua blue lakes are a great for boating trips. Transport through the Alps by road or rail is a joy as the passing scenery is always spectacular. 

Getting there
 - All areas of the Alps can be reached within 3 hours of an international airport, often a great deal less.

Accommodation - All accommodation options are available from high quality hotels to lodges and catered camping.

Best suited to - Itineraries can be so diverse that the Alps would suit almost anyone. Activities and attractions are abundant and both multi-destination or centre based are rewarding options.


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