For many the winter is the best time to visit the Alps. It is well known that the Alps have great many world class ski resorts with state of the art facilities. There are also huge areas of Alpine wilderness that can only be accessed by ski touring and snowshoeing. The Alps also has a network of modern well equipped winter huts enabling multi-day itineraries. The choice is unlimited and routes of all durations from ski and snowshoe day trips to two week expeditions can be designed. Sledging, snowshoeing, crevasse exploration and many other activities can be fun day excursions too and need no previous experience. Most activities in the winter will need a mountain guide or skiing professional to ensure that the best and safest routes are selected. 

Getting there - All areas of the Alps can be reached within 3 hours of an international airport, often a great deal less.

Accommodation - All accommodation options are available from high quality hotels to lodges and mountain refuges.

Best suited to - For skiers attempting back country (ski touring) itineraries some off piste experience is necessary. That said itineraries are not necessarily technically difficult. Many other activities require no previous experience and only a reasonable level of fitness.

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