Climbing Mont Blanc is a major achievement in anyone’s book. At 4810 metre (15,780 ft) it is necessary to have the correct equipment and the right people with you. All commercial ascents must have a qualified mountain guide and on the ascent day the ratio of two clients to one guide. It is also necessary to acclimatise to the altitude. To do so we spend a few days on the glacier sleeping in mountain refuges whilst also learning how to use our equipment.  Anyone who would enjoy climbing Mont Blanc would also enjoy trekking and Swiss 4000 metre peaks.

Getting there - Chamonix is only 1h 15mins from Geneva Airport by private transfer.

 - In the valley there is a wide range of hotels. On the hill we sleep dormitory style in mountain refuges. An experience in itself.

Best suite to
 - An experienced and fit walker who wants to tackle something a bit bigger. No previous expertise is needed as there is training in the use of the climbing equipment used, but a good sense of balance and an aptitude to using the equipment and walking with crampons is essential. It cannot not be underestimated how tough the ascent can be, but the reward is huge
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